Goju-Shorei Karate, Weapons & JuJitsu

Goju-Shorei traces it’s roots back to the 1700s and the small kingdom of Okinawa. Through the generations Goju-Shorei has evolved from the rudimentary Naha-Te to a comprehensive system of Karate (which includes a detailed study of pressure point applications), Weapons (which have replaced so-called traditional weapons with the Cane, Knife and Fan) and Jujitsu which is based on Danzan Ryu. In addition Goju-Shorei has placed a great deal of importance on healing in the form of Seifukujutsu, as well as other modalities.


Goju-Shorei Karate ranking (Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green, Brown 1, Brown 2, Brown 3, Black) consists of a number of self-defense techniques – starting at 10 techniques for Yellow belt up to 20 techniques for 1st Black Belt. Each curriculum technique is the front end of what turns out to be a freestyle, street-wise technique created by each student depending on the attack, position and distance of the opponent’s body. All the while the students are learning the required techniques and kata, they are also learning the meridians and acupoints as they apply to the martial arts.


Goju-Shorei Weapons ranking (Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green, Brown 1, Brown 2, Brown 3, Black) consists of basics, one kata and techniques using the cane. Higher levels of Black ranking explores the use of the knife, cane and knife, pressure point self-defense application using the cane, as well as Japanese restoration massage.


Goju-Shorei Jujitsu has 8 levels (starting from the very basic to the more advanced) that can be seamlessly slotted in to any existing martial arts curriculum. This program is meant to compliment, not replace, all styles and systems.

Goju-Shorei Systems was one of the first martial arts system to offer home-study courses, and has done so without diluting the ranking requirements.

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